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Prakash Srivastava, as digital marketer have served to various businesses (Startups, SMEs, Corporate) across sectors- Pharma, Healthcare, Financial, Education, Real estate, for the past 20 years.. Helps Startups, SMEs, Corporate, who is looking for digital marketing consultant in Delhi and Lucknow.

For Web Based Marketing Campaign

As digital marketing strategist he can help Startups, SMEs, Corporate or Individual Professionals to define target audience, generate leads and Measure & Improve Digital Marketing ROI with the use of required digital marketing campaign channels.

Our presence in India is in
Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Noida.

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Mobile: +91 997-144-0486
WhatsApp: +91 800-467-9018
Phone: +91-522-400-5441
Contact Person: Prakash Srivastava

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the basic questions related to online marketing services has been answered here.

How much do i charge for digital marketing?

Depending on your business strategy and objectives, the cost for Digital Marketing is divided into 5 parts.

  • Retainer Fees for Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • Development and Maintenance of Digital Marketing Channels for Web and Online Presence Management.
  • Paid advertising budgets.
  • Payment for content creation services.
  • Fees for graphic artists, photographers and videographers.

I charge for each and the individual task. So It will appear to be expensive initially but reasonable once we maximise your ROI.

Our focus is your business growth. If you want to be focssed on individual digital marketing channels, I can be a better option for your company or your brand than most of the freelancers and Digital Marketing agencies in Delhi NCR, India.

Why Prakash Srivastava?

Prakash Srivastava work as retainer with my his clients,  to give support on professional front its mandatory for us to join hands.

Prakash Srivastava, started his career as “Web Developer” from Bangalore, having its PAN India presence with over 20+ years of domain experience. He has made his mark on the internet in handling clients from various industry.

His managed services start from the beginning of your project to help you with the best solutions to develop, implement, track and optimize your digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. It will create a huge impact on your company’s most important goals, like 1. More Customers, 2. Better Visibility, 3. Improve Local Presence, 4. Increased Authority, 5. Higher Quality Website Traffic, 5. In-Person Visitors, 6. Long-Lasting Relationships.

How to reach Prakash Srivastava?

To give a start, simply call or send me an email or WhatsApp a message in details, such that we can then proceed with our discussion further.

Contact Information

Mobile: +91 997-144-0486
WhatsApp: +91 800-467-9018
Phone: +91-522-400-5441
Contact Person: Prakash Srivastava

If you are based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and lucknow region, we can fix up a place which is central to our location and discuss your project.

If you based out of Delhi or India then we can have a video skype call which is as good as a face to face meeting nowadays.

You can also fill the query form or you can directly call at +91 9971440486.