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Everything is gradually being converted into digital. Those who are not digital are being left behind. Our Online PR Services will deliver more user engagement, increase your brand visibility and online revenue growth.

Online PR
Services In India

Digital PR is “off-site SEO” marketing strategy. Digital PR campaigns are run by SEOs and content marketers. Digital PR requires an understanding of Google’s guidelines and ranking signals to improve a website’s visibility in the search results.

Digital PR focuses on online publications and increasing brand awareness. It includes:

  • Publishing articles and press releases.
  • Working with bloggers and influencers on product features and reviews.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Nurturing journalist and content writing contacts to secure press hits.
  • Using social media to gain exposure.
  • Building brand trust through online reviews.

Our work as a specialist PR and marketing agency has encompassed online publications, blogs and social media for many years now.  Some of these channels are free to join while some require some joining/subscription fees before you could publish press releases.

Why is online PR is important?

Simple: Increase sales and revenue.
Online media delivers many benefits to our clients, playing a key role in raising their profiles, building brand awareness and generating more leads and sales for the companies that we work with.

In this digital age to achieve the same, it needs a continuous ongoing marketing campaign on digital platform.

How long does the online PR process take?

It takes time, a well thought out strategy and, of course, capital! To make a good first impression, offer value to visitors, and prove your expertise in your industry.

After creating new campaigns, we manage them regularly to make sure they continue to be effective. And continuously analyzing the performance of your account and making the adjustments to optimize your campaigns.

How much does online PR cost?

The cost depends upon PR services you require and the size of your business.

The 3 elements of cost in a PR campaign are

  • The material cost: Writing and sending your press releases to lists of journalists. The cost increase, if your reach to number of journalists is more. Distribution services like PR Web and PR newswire.
  • The intellectual cost: Depends upon the time you are spending in creating clarity about your aims and objectives.
  • Direct expenses: Are the additional costs incurred on your campaign including travel, promotional materials produced, entertainment, hospitality and other direct costs.
Why Prakash Srivastava?

To build a solid Online PR strategy from start to finish, we suggest low budget digital marketing ideas, Choose right web media platform for global presence and ensure deliverables in time.

We are one of the leading web design & Digital Marketing company / agency with 20+ years of experience in marketing campaign on Digital Platforms. We operate from Delhi and Lucknow in India. Deliver the best results in time frame.

How to get online PR services for my business?

If you are one of Startups, SMEs, Corporate, who is looking for digital marketing expert how to guide, develop and manage digital marketing strategies for online presence management.

Contact Person: Prakash Srivastava.
Mobile / WhatsApp:  9971440486 or

to position your brand or business to the next level

Online PR services

Digital Marketing Consultant, Lucknow, Delhi NCR, IndiaPrakash Srivastava

Digital Marketer

His expertise has helped to increase organic web organic user base, brand visibility, promote products and services, maximizing revenue for the company. More…

Digital Marketing Deliverables

As a professional marketer, we define and measure marketing objectives on Web Media Platform.” Create an involvement chain between the customer and the product or service offered by the company using Web Based Marketing Campaign.

Benefits to Startups, SMEs, Corporate or Individual Professionals

Expose your brand to more people within your target market, Reach more people through social sharing, Online PR enhances your credibility, Improve your search engine rankings, Increase traffic to your website.

Where to Submit a Press Release?

Press Release Submission Sites

Press Release Distribution Companies
PR distribution companies have a wide and broad distribution network, they provide quick and proven results, and they provide plenty of extra features and options to make the creation, delivery and distribution of press releases as seamless as possible.

Some of the best Indian press release creation and distribution services, primarily to a clientele of Indian companies are:-, Business Wire India, Cision, PR Newswire, GlobeNewswire, Help a Reporter Out, Muck Rack, Press Release Point, Conceptualise, InstaaPR, Digital Catalyst, Easypresswire, Press Release Power, Newswire Online, Brain Pulse Technologies, PR 24×7, National Media Communique, Digitals Daddy, Oregon Technologies, India Press Release

Digital Marketing Company In Lucknow Delhi India

If you are one of Startups, SMEs, Corporate who is looking to boost revenue, improve brand visibility or convert more website visitors into paying customers, then now is the time to work with one of the best Indian press release distribution services. DigiChant is one of the best digital marketing company in Delhi and Lucknow.

Digital Marketing Services

FAQ’s :- Digital PR Marketing Services

What are the benefits of Digital PR to Business?

Digital PR has many direct and indirect benefits to businesses. Here are the main benefits:

Improve SEO and rankings — Publishing on high-authority websites and getting links to your website will push you up the rankings for your target keywords. The higher up you rank on Google, the more traffic will come to your website.
Boost website traffic — The more people reading about your business and sharing your content on social media, the more people there will be visiting your website.
Build brand trust — Useful, high-quality articles that are SEO-friendly will signal to search engines that you’re a credible source of information, while having your products or services reviewed by bloggers will increase trust in your brand.
Generate leads — The more people reading about your products and clicking through to your website, the more leads you will generate.
Increase sales — A digital PR campaign should generate leads, and quality content on your website will channel those leads through a conversion funnel and turn them into paying customers.

How much it cost to send a press release with PR Newswire?

On Request

How to get Mobile marketing services for my business?

If you are one of Startups, SMEs, Corporate who is looking to boost revenue, improve brand visibility or convert more website visitors into paying customers, then now is the time to work with one of the best Indian press release distribution services.

Call 9971440486 or Email to position your brand or business to the next level.

What are the objectives of Mobile MArketing?
  • New lead generation.
  • Customer retention.
  • Detailed information on the goods and services of the company.
  • Future plans and product launches.
  • Brand engagement
What are the beginners steps for mobile Marketing?
  • Both the URLs of desktop and mobile should be same.

  • The links to all your social media platforms should be easily visible on both sites.

  • The website design should be responsive on both desktop and mobile.

  • Approach towards marketing on a desktop website and mobile website.
How can I make more mobile sales?

Some strategies for making more sales on mobile devices are: creating an app; creating stores within social media apps like Instagram; accepting easy online payment options, like PayPal and ApplePay; and optimizing your e-commerce website for mobile devices.

How to measure and optimize campaign performance?

The various methods for tracking influencer marketing campaign performance, including:

Review Google Analytics to measure traffic, behavioral, and conversion metrics. Important KPIs may include: Site visits, Referral traffic, Pageviews, New users
Time spent on site, Goal completions, Conversion rate, User demographics

Review the social media platforms that your influencers used to promote the sponsored content to track social engagement numbers, including: Likes, Comments, Shares, Engagement rate, @mentions, Unlinked brand mentions, Hashtag usage.

Scrape the corners of the internet to find mentions of your brand in relation to the campaign. By searching Google, you can locate related brand mentions on different sites, press outlets, or publications.

Public relations and earned media software, such as Cision and Trendkite, can track press coverage of your campaign.There are also several free tools that will flag mentions for you, such as Buzzsumo, Google Alerts, and Talkwalker Alerts.

For a direct response campaign, the most basic way to calculate the ROI would be to divide the total cost of an influencer sponsorship by the revenue generated by the influencer. For branding KPIs, however, ROI may be calculated based on a variety of engagement metrics depending on your initial goals.

Another way to measure the impact of your campaign is to analyze brand sentiment on comments, brand mentions, and hashtags.

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Digital Marketing Doesn’t bring Results Overnight for Your Business.

Call Prakash, to get success. As per Search Algorithms rules and numerous ranking factors, he will help you to define short & long term Online marketing strategies.

We look forward to work with you to achieve your Online Revenue Growth.

Online PR Activities

digital PR focuses on online publications and increasing brand awareness. It includes:

Technical SEO

On Site SEO

Off Site SEO

Link Building

SEO Content Strategy

Location Demographics

Keyword Research & Analysis

Website Ranking

Website Audit