Location-based marketing that uses invisible barriers that allow you to target people directly.

When creating any local marketing strategy, like local SEO.

Geofencing marketing is an essential piece of marketing jargon. You’ll often hear this term when people discuss creating a local SEO campaign.

When you use geofencing, you create an invisible fence around your business or a competitor’s business. After you create the barrier, you can send users text messages, deliver in-app notifications, or show social media ads. You do this when a user enters or exits the virtual fence.

This strategy allows you to deliver relevant information directly to your audience. You can share information that gets your audience to visit your business. The only catch with this strategy is that people must turn on their location on their mobile device.

Geofencing has grown increasingly popular with apps like Facebook. It’s important to know this marketing buzzword as it becomes a more integral part of local marketing.