Media that others write about your business, but you don’t pay for it or create it yourself.

In blogging or social media marketing.

When you’re running a digital marketing campaign, you’ll encounter multiple types of media. There are three types of media: owned, paid, and earned. While owned and paid media are relatively self-explanatory, many people aren’t clear as to what earned media is.

Earned media is any marketing done for your business that you aren’t involved in creating. Many people consider earned media to be “word of mouth marketing.” It relies on other people telling your audience about your business.

Some examples of earned media include:

Social mentions
Social shares
Reposting content
With all of these actions, your audience voluntarily shares your business or your information with their friends and family. It’s an excellent way for you to gain brand exposure and reach more people interested in your business.

This term is one of the most critical marketing terms to know because of how it impacts your audience. People consider earned media a trusted source of information about your business because it’s coming from other people. As you build your marketing strategy, get familiar with earned media.