Video Marketing

Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

Video continues to grow in popularity and power in marketing. With so many people gravitating to video for information and entertainment, brands who fail to include it in their digital marketing strategies will be left in the dust.

So, how can you help your business get started with video?

First thing’s first. You’ll want to start with a video marketing strategy. Without strategy and a plan, you’ll be a rudderless ship in the night. You’ll lack the confidence to move forward, or worse, you’re more likely to dip your toe into a low-quality or poorly-executed video. The latter can almost guarantee terrible results.

A quick look at how to plan your video marketing strategy:

  • Start by identifying a problem that your business can solve and build a video topic around that.
  • Decide which video format you’d like to use. (Long, short or LIVE).
  • Gather the right kind of equipment you’ll need to produce the video.
  • Draft a video script.
  • Record your video.

So, what about video marketing tools? We’ve used a few. Here’s a quick punch list of video marketing tools to consider:

Much like other digital marketing tools, some things to consider with video tools include analytics, content management, speed of media delivery and user experience.

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