Social Media Marketing

Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

Social media. It’s grown from Mark Zuckerburg’s attempt to connect his fellow students (or to “get girls” if you believe Hollywood) into a powerful marketing and sales tool for businesses.

But great social media doesn’t just happen overnight, or by accident. It takes more than a few mentions and broadcast posts to build a loyal, engaged following.

There’s no magical social media recipe or silver bullet. Sorry.

Instead, a successful social media strategy is like any other marketing strategy—carefully crafted, measured, managed and founded on a strong and clear strategy. Then when it’s time to deliver on your strategic vision, you need to have the right tool or tools.

Social media management solutions range from simple to complex. Regardless of what you use, you’ll need your tool to support your greater digital media strategy.

From managing multiple platforms to multiple accounts, from scheduling posts to social listening and even analytics, the right social media tool will make staying active and engaging on social media easier for us mere mortals, making our load easier and paving the way for greater impact.

Ready to get to know a few tools we suggest? Here are some known tools and some underdogs:

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