Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

Here at Impulse Creative, we’ve jumped into the podcasting pool with both feet. While we’re not always counting on direct ROI tied to sales, we know that building an audience is critical in today’s relationship economy.

We have shows like 15 Minute Strategy Podcast, The Maiden Voyage and Wayfinding Growth.

Our co-founder Remington also has a show called the Conversational Marketing Podcast where he tackles all things Conversational. A lot of the episodes are tutorials and tips & tricks shows to help marketers better understand Drift and HubSpot Conversations, two of the biggest players in the game.

So if you’re thinking about adding podcasting to your digital marketing strategy, we have a few tips here: 7 Tips to Adding a Podcast Strategy to Your Marketing Plan.

We also have some tools we use and encourage you to consider:

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