Image Creation

Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

Here’s one you don’t think about until you’re ready to publish a blog post you’ve worked for two days and you’re proud to share because you know it’s going to change someone’s life and bring your business leads… Then all of a sudden you realize you don’t have images in the post. Or maybe you’re missing the social thumbnail that will help catch the attention your post deserves.

Creating images to support your digital marketing efforts is huge. But what if you’re not a graphic designer? What if you can’t hire a designer right now?

At Impulse Creative we have an in-house designer (say hi to Jeffrey). We also have lots of creative people on our team who sometimes have to create on-the-fly.

Whether Jeffrey creates templates or we go off on our own, one tool we love at Impulse is Canva. With the right set up, we can create calls-to-action, featured images, infographics and more. We definitely encourage you to add Canva to your digital marketing toolkit.

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