Email Marketing Tools

Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

In addition to managing your contacts, you’ll want to use tried-and-true tools like email messaging to lean into digital marketing today.

For the modern marketer, email marketing continues to deliver results. It’s a vital strategy for marketing and sales teams in growing brands.It’s true across industries and business sizes.

Email marketing reigns supreme as a predictable, effective and cost-conscious way to engage and nurture those contacts, leading them to become loyal customers. In fact some studies show an ROI of email marketing of more than 4,000%!

So, how do you add email to your digital strategy? Or if you have it, how do you make it more successful? In addition to a solid strategy—nurturing sequences, drip campaigns and one-off messaging—technology is crucial. Email marketing service providers (ESP) exist to make the process of email marketing simpler.

Be sure to look for features and capabilities that enhance and streamline your email communication to help you identify qualified leads, nurture those leads, and close more deals.

It’s a bonus when your ESP connects to your CRM for powerful contextual marketing.

There are thousands of ESPs to choose from. Here’s a look at a few we’ve worked with and suggest, depending on your price point and desired features.

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