Contact Management

Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

Once an audience finds you and engages with your brand, now what? How will your marketing and sales teams manage the contact data and interactions?

A good digital marketing strategy needs to include a top-notch customer relationship management tool (CRM).

As HubSpot says, “A CRM is the foundation of your business, so it’s critical that you choose the best CRM to enable your success.” We agree.

Here are a few criteria and features we suggest you look for when choosing the best CRM for your business.

Can you add new contacts and companies to your database in seconds? Your CRM should allow you to create new contacts straight from your email with a single click or import lists.

Easy to use leads to higher adoption: Log sales activities automatically. Make calls, send emails, create tasks, and publish notes. Find a CRM that will log your activities for you and say goodbye to manual data entry.

Efficient and optimized for better sales emails in less time. Email templates only go so far. With the CRM you should be able to schedule your emails for the best deliverability.

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