Buyer Personas

Prakash Srivastava

Jul 29, 2020

Regardless of how long you’ve been doing digital marketing, it’s wise to think about buyer personas. Do you have personas? Are they accurate and up to date?

You can find tools like buyer persona templates from a lot of sources. HubSpot’s buyer persona templates are a good place to start. We offer a buyer persona guide as well.

The critical point to personas is to keep them accurate and up to date. Collaborate with sales to ensure they’re accurate. Conduct buyer persona interviews to make sure they’re current.

Great marketing starts with understanding your buyers and why they need you.

How to Start: Develop Info About Your Persona

There are a few important things to consider when developing each of your personas:

  • Demographics. How old are they, roughly? What’s their identified gender? Marital status? Where are they located?
  • Job Title. What field are they in? How many years experience do they have? What’s their current job title? What about their goal; what position are they hoping to advance into over the next few years?
  • Lifestyle. What’s a day in their shoes like? How long do they work each day? Do they have a family? What do they like to do outside of work?
  • Pain Points. What are some of their struggles— both as they relate to your product or services and in general? For instance, do they have limited time, a restricted budget, or challenges at work or in their home life?
  • Goals. What motivates this person? What are they trying to achieve as it relates to your products or services and more generally?
  • Problem-solving. When this person is looking for help, where do they typically turn? Are they looking for how-to articles? Videos? Referrals from a friend?
  • Objections. What holds them back from choosing your products or services? This ties in with Pain Points characteristic above, however, it’s more specific to your business. What are common complaints about your specific offerings and which do you think would apply to this particular persona? For instance, if your product or service is more expensive than your competitors, this may be an objection to one of your personas and a roadblock to sealing the deal.
  • Language. We don’t just mean do they speak English vs. Spanish. What are common words or slang they might use? What tone of voice feels most appropriate based on their other demographics? This is an important point to consider for search engine optimization and keyword research.

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